Christian Fellowship Churches of Mackinac County officially began in January of 2017, we are the result of an effort to "meld" two individual churches into one church with two locations.

In 2015 Rexton Mennonite Church and Naubinway Christian Fellowship each made a  decision to break from Mennonite Church USA, this  opened the door to some options.  At that time both RMC & NCF agreed to come together as one church and use all of 2016 to implement a strategic timeline for all the the necessary pieces of the puzzle to be put into place.

As a result CFC is a non-denominational church with it's focus to reach the lost of Mackinac County Michigan and beyond.


CFC exists in order to know God and make God known by celebrating Christ Jesus in our worship, joyfully serving others, fellowshipping together, and living daily in faithfulness and maturity


Other than our Sunday AM services we have a Wednesday Worship service every Wednesday evening and we host the 180 Youth Group on Wednesday evenings as well.


We're located in west Mackinac county, MI which is a rural setting.  NCF is in Naubinway which in on the northern shoreline of Lake Michigan.  RCF is in Rexton, 15 miles north east of Naubinway.


   We live in a broken world where many people don't really know where they belong anymore. People are searching for their identity and in that search they turn to many enticing lifestyles.

   Here are CFC we believe that the lifestyle of being a Follower of Jesus Christ is the only real way to experience a fulfilling & meaningful life.  So if you're searching why not start with checking CFC out & we can help you on your journey.