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Christmas Service
Family Worship Center
December 17, 2022

Christmas 22 10.jpg
Christmas 22 12.jpg
Christmas 22 3.jpg
Christmas 22 7.jpg
Christmas 22 13.jpg
Christmas 22 2.jpg
Christmas 22 9.jpg
Christmas 22 4.jpg
Christmas 22 6.jpg
Christmas 22 8.jpg
Christmas 22 11.jpg
Christmas 22 5.jpg
Youth 22 9.jpg
Youth 22 8.jpg
Youth 22 7.jpg

Impact Youth - Christmas

December 17, 2022

Youth 22 11.jpg
Youth 22 12.jpg
Youth 22 13.jpg
Youth 22 2.jpg
Youth 22 3.jpg
Youth 22 4.jpg
Youth 22 6.jpg
Youth 22.jpg
Youth 22 14.jpg
New Members.jpg
New Member 4.jpg

New Member Sunday
Family Worship Center

September 25, 2022

New Member 7.jpg
New Member 5.jpg
New Member 3.jpg
New Members.jpg
New Member 6.jpg
New Member 2.jpg
FF22 13.jpg
FF22 2.jpg
FF22 7.jpg

Combined Outdoor Service/
Fish Fry - Prayer Park
August - 2022


FF22 15.jpg
FF22 19.jpg
FF22 11.jpg
FF22 12.jpg
FF22 21.jpg
FF22 25.jpg
FF22 5.jpg
FF22 17.jpg
FF22 18.jpg
FF22 4.jpg
FF22 6.jpg
FF22 24.jpg
FF22 16.jpg
FF22 8.jpg
FF22 10.jpg
FF22 9.jpg
FF22 22.jpg
FF22 23.jpg
FF22 3.jpg
FF22 26.jpg

Impact Youth 
Louisville - YouthWorks 

Missions Trip
July - 2022

Louisville Trip 3.jpg
Louisville 15.jpg
Louisville 16.jpg
Louisville 2.jpg
Louisville 20.jpg
Louisville 23.jpg
Louisville 14.jpg
Louisville Trip.jpg
Louisville 17.jpg
Louisville 18.jpg
Louisville 21.jpg
Louisville 24.jpg
Louisville 10.jpg
Louisville 13.jpg
Louisville 11.jpg
Louisville 19.jpg
Louisville 22.jpg
Louisville 25.jpg
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