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First Service at CFC
Family Worship Center
April 10, 2022


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Christmas 2021
Christian Fellowship Churches

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Impact Youth
Christmas Party 2021

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Living Waters Prayer Chapel
Open House Sept. 2021

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Baptism / Membership Sunday
August 2021

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Baptism 2021 18.jpg
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Baptism 2021 19.jpg
Baptism 2021 6.jpg
Baptism 2021 20.jpg
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Outdoor Service/Fish Fry
August 2021

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CFC Youth Mission Trip 2021
Cass Community Social Services

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2021 Youth 8.jpg
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2021 Youth 3.jpg
2021 Youth 11.jpg
2021 Youth 24.jpg
2021 Youth 26.jpg
2021 Youth 22.jpg
2021 Youth 19.jpg
2021 Youth 18.jpg
2021 Youth 23.jpg
2021 Youth 27.jpg
2021 Youth 12.jpg
2021 Youth 14.jpg
2021 Youth 4.jpg
2021 Youth 10.jpg
2021 Youth 2.jpg
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2021 Youth.jpg
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Father's Day BBQ
June 2021 Rexton Campus

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FD BBQ.jpg
FD BBQ 4.jpg
FD BBQ 8.jpg
FD BBQ 6.jpg
FD BBQ 3.jpg