​Devotionals From Our Pastor

"Nothing to Fear"


"Deliverance in the Delay"


"He Knows"

"Don't Look Back"

"Love not Fear"

"Above Your Pay Grade"


"The Exchanged Life"

"Be an Olive Leaf"

"Hope Lives On"

"Have a Good Day"

"Always with You"


"My Shepherd"

"In the Trenches!"


"No Other Name"


"The Purpose of Peace"

"Renewing the Mind"

"If you Say So"

"The Teacher Principle"

"Power Broken"

"Crisis of Fear"


"Just the Way You Are"


"Show Himself Strong"

"Which Comes First?"



"Real Identity"

"The Example"



"Holding it Together"

"Growing Faith"

"It's Expected"

"The Enemy's Mission"

"It Stinks!"

"Down to the Wire"

"Feed Yourself First"

"When Peace Takes Over"

"Your Story"

"Demolition Man"

"Name the Pain"

"The Soldier Principle"

"Final Answer"


Join us at RCF on Sunday at 10 am for Sunday school & at 11 am for worship.  You can find us in the town of Rexton at:

N7970 Church St. 

Call us at:



Join us on Sunday's at 9 am for worship and at 10:30 for adult Bible study.  You can find us in the town of Naubinway at:

W16121 Main St.

call us at:


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