Culture is constantly beckoning us to move in its direction, to leave behind what we know as true and right.  We live in a post-Christian culture that is increasingly anti-Jesus, anti-Bible, anti-God and against anything and anyone who stands in opposition.  So, what do we do, how do we survive this environment?

    Our church-wide theme for 2020 is "No Compromise."  This year we are equipping ourselves to stand strong and stand true in our culture, living inverted in our world.  The Kingdom Jesus calls us to is an up-side down Kingdom from the world's vantage point.  Our sermons are designed to equip and encourage as we are sent out into our world to be the church that God is callin gus to be, to be agents of change right where we live.


8.30.20 - "That's Not My Sin!

9.6.20 -  "Get the Picture?"

9.13.20 - "Healthy & Unhealthy Fear"

9.20.20 - "A Proper Place"

10.4.20 - "You're Not Alone"

10.11.20 - "The Plague Was Cut Short"

10.18.20 - "Be A Light"

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