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Youth Savings Week: July 6 - 10

Money Magic - save, share, spend through the credit union! 

Youth Savings Week through Everence® Federal Credit Union encourages children to start saving early, while teaching them the advantages of saving money for short- and long-term goals.
When a youth makes a deposit of $15 or more into a new or existing savings account during Youth Savings Week, Everence will deposit an additional $5. And the youth savings account interest rate is 4.00% APY1, making it a great rate to reward saving!
To encourage participation from wherever you are, we are going digital this year! An online application will be available to open a new youth savings account. We will also accept paper applications through mail, fax, drive-thrus and in person2.
If the child in your life already has an Everence youth savings account, they can make a deposit by using the mobile app, through the mail with our specially designed envelopes, at the drive-thru or a night drop box. The special envelopes for a mail-in deposit and the night drop box can be requested at your local branch or online.

For more information and all of the options for opening an account, making a deposit or participating in our virtual activities, visit our event site.

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