Mother's Day

Series:  Power Shifts

Message:  "More than Enough"

Scripture:  Psalm 2:8 & Isaiah 43:18-19

Message by:  Pastor Tim

Worship Leader:  Gary Neely



As you know, we have been prayerfully considering extending our Naubinway campus to the vacant former Family Dollar building.

Negotiations have been positively progressing and we hope to be able to take another step forward soon.

In light of this, the B.E.T. (Building Exploratory Team) would like to invite you to help us to give the building a new name. 

You can participate in this with your idea by writing it down and putting it into one of the offering boxes at either campus.

For clarification purposes, please understand that Christian Fellowship Church will remain Christian Fellowship Church and the former Family Dollar sign will reflect that.  However, since the Naubinway campus will have two buildings, we want to give the former Family Dollar building a unique name.

There is a limited amount of time to submit your suggestion so please do so no later than May 9th.

Thank you!


Give blood and give life at the Blood Drive tomorrow, Monday, May 10th from 2PM-6PM at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Newberry.  If you have questions, please call Mary Nutkins at 906.293.8438. 1 pint of blood can save 3 lives. Make a difference by donating.


CFC is hosting a safeTALK Suicide Alertness Workshop at the Naubinway campus on Friday, May 21st from 6-9:30 pm. Karen Marshall is a LivingWorks trainer and will be leading the group that evening.  Cost is $10.00 which includes a workbook and snacks.  Call Karen @ 477-5627 to register. Registration is limited to 30 people and so far 24 are signed up to participate. Come “Make a connection. Help save a life.”


A group of parents are helping to host a prom for the Engadine High School students on Saturday, May 22nd at the Naubinway Pavilion.  This is not an official school sponsored event, so they are unable to use school resources. If you would like to help give our local students a special night out please contact Bruce, Pat, or Nicole Gustafson to ask how you can contribute. *They will be following the health department guidelines that evening.


Save the date! A grad party & celebration for Aaron Buss will be held Saturday, June 12th at the Naubinway pavilion from 12:00–3:00 pm.

Jeff & Jomay Bomber no longer have a landline. To reach the Bomber’s, you may call Jomay’s cell at 906-450-4185.

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We would like to reserve the parking spaces along the front of both the Naubinway & Rexton Campuses for visitors and those that are less able-bodied.  We want everyone to feel welcome when they join us.

If you need to borrow chairs or tables from either church campus for an event, please get approval from Kelly and she will then put you on the calendar. (For non-CFC events, she may need to get approval from the Church Council.) Please also remember to sign out the equipment when removing it from the building.  These procedures are according to the CFC Policies & Procedures Manual and to avoid any conflicts with events.

Upcoming Meetings

SLT Meeting – May 16 @ 1:00 pm – NC

Church Council – May 17 @ 6:00 pm – NC

Family Meeting – July 22 @ 7:00 pm - RC


  • Today:  Mothers Day

  • Today:  Sermon Discussion Class @ NC - 10:30 am

  • Monday:   Ladies Bible Study @ NC - 1:00 pm 

  • Monday:  Bosman Life Group @ NC - 7:00 pm

  • Wednesday:  Bible Talk on Facebook -  7:00 pm

  • Thursday:  Men's Bible Study @ NC - 10:00 am


Worship Leaders:    NC - Deb DeWyse

                                                 RC -  Deb DeWyse             

               Worship Team:     



Gertie Meier 10th

Will Barnwell 14th  










“Life is a journey filled with twists and turns, ups and downs, pitfalls and potholes.  Through the seasons of life, God never intended for people to walk the path of life lonely, without guidance, and carrying the heavy baggage of a broken world.  Join us as we journey together and learn to trust the God of the Bible to be our Guide."