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Cyndi B – brother-in-law Bruce Fondren 

Bruce G – sister-in-law’s brother 

Teresa M – friend Jayne Henigan 

Sandy M – cousin Rachele

Laky’s friend’s niece Aubrienne

Lester - 5 out of 6 Livermore brothers

Diane Hassenrik – colon cancer

Arlene -Bev Derusha/ brain tumor/Mayo clinic confirmed diagnosis/new chemo drug/give her more quality of life

Barb Kerridge – cancer

Sandy M - Johnny Matchinski/brain

Bob B – Josie 

Jenny Burton - stage 4

Sharon F – friend has tumor in head

Geoff V – friend Barry King/lung

Bob B – friend Ken/lung & Kathy/3 types of cancer

Lester L- cancer is well controlled

Other Health Concerns

Paula Dohn

Brent Nygard open heart surgery @ Mayo in Sept/leaky valve/having severe sciatica, Lester - Stephen King/Petoskey ICU/dialysis

Daryl B – Recover from accident

Teresa M – Recovery from back surgery

Anne P – brother Jay Cooper having shoulder surgery

Don & Cathy Butkovich grandson Cam – involved in accident/3 toes cut off/other toes removed/having another serious surgery Wednesday

Chad G – Scott Butkovich (Cam’s dad) to forgive himself for the accident

Karen F – Charlie & Viv Wilson – Covid

Lester L – tests in Manistique this week/receive PT & OT for strengthening

Kelly R – ankle ligament surgery/Thursday/complications from anesthesia

Denise F – Terry Bennett

DeWayne E – Sharon has shingles

Steve M – friend Bruce Cotton/Covid/stuck in Montana/his salvation

Teresa M – decisions on back issue/surgery or fusion

Karen Beaulieu – Michael/heart ablation/Marquette

David Derusha-newborn daughter Kenna/low body temp/NICU/back home


Carol N – Celebrate Recovery program as it deals with those hurting, rejected, and with addiction

Aubrey G as she begins new adventure as EHS Volleyball Coach

Sharon F – as she begins reaching out to the community

Dawna U – opportunity in Nepal to work in Art ministry in a program with women fighting addiction

Students & teachers as school begins Monday

College kids as they return to school

Jean F – safe travel to AZ for grandson’s wedding

Carol N – blessing on grandson Eli & Savannah as they wed on Saturday & for their marriage

Courtney B – safe return for her cousin Emilee Whiskin in TX who is  missing & for the family during this time

Families Who Lost Loved Ones
Jeffy/Smiley Dishaw - motorcycle accident
Missions Work

Wendell & Lila Graber

Love INC

Ron & Karen Stoufer

World Vision Children

Sunshine Foundation 

Lingap Children’s Foundation

CareNet of EUP

Room at the Inn

Kevin & Susan Fry –Eden Ministries

Scott & Nikki Troyer- Time to Revive/Nikki struggling with health/health to be restored


Beauty for  Ashes

Scott & Nikki Troyer - Time to revive/Nikki struggling with health issues

Larry & Bonnie Evearitt got stuck in the sand on club beach & the church helped them out
Anne P – 9 prayer cards
David D – thank you for prayers for Kenna
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